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Using the Aid and Attendance Benefit for Home Care

VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit

Using the Aid and Attendance Benefit for Home Care: Ron was a Veteran of the United States Navy. As he got older he began noticing his physical capabilities declining. It reached a point when he was 79, living alone, and struggling just to get out of bed that he knew home care would be a benefit. He began researching ways to help pay for home care services and found Veterans Care Coordination.

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Why Do Some Veterans Refuse In-Home Care Support?

Veterans Care: Some Veterans Refuse Support

Veterans Care: Veterans are really no different than anyone else. Just because they haven’t served in a few years or even decades doesn’t mean they have completely left behind their training, camaraderie, or personality they developed while in service, but that also doesn’t mean they will act completely different from most other men and women.

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