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Are There Home Modifications Veterans Could Benefit from as They Age?

Care for Aging Veterans: Veterans, like most other healthy adults, may feel invincible, at least for a while. As people get older, though, their joints ache, they begin to develop back problems, and begin to face new challenges as the years pass. While veterans may not be thinking about home care, at least not until it is absolutely necessary, there are certain modifications that can be made at home to improve safety for them, whether they are dealing with the natural process of aging or some injury or disability in life.

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How Can an Aging Veteran Know if Long-Term Home Care Will Be Necessary?

Care for Aging Veterans: There are so many challenges people face as they get older, including veterans, that sometimes it’s difficult to truly understand what they should do, what options they should consider, and whether or not they will be able to remain home. Veterans and other seniors today prefer to ‘age in place,’ which basically means they want to remain where they are, even if they have difficulty with their own mobility or are facing serious health issues.

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When Veterans Don’t Think Home Care Is Affordable, a Pension May Help

Care for Aging Veterans: There are plenty of times in life when it becomes easy to get discouraged. For some veterans, especially elderly veterans on limited incomes, when they begin struggling with their own basic care, aren’t able to safely step into and out of the shower, for example, they can easily become discouraged. They may even give up on certain activities that used to be important to them.

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Three Benefits a Home Care Aide Offers Veterans in Need of Support

Care for Aging Veterans: There are numerous benefits that a home care aide or even a visiting nurse can provide to people who need assistance. For veterans, home care may seem like something they can’t even consider because of their financial situation, but if a veteran qualifies for it, the Aid and Attendance Benefit and even the Homebound pension program could be essential to help them get the care and support they need at home.

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