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Three Things Some Consultants Claim About Why They Charge So Much to Help with Aid and Attendance Applications

VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit: Consultant Claims

VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit: For aging and disabled veterans, the Aid and Attendance Benefit could be an incredibly important pension as it provides financial assistance for those who need home care services. Some veterans, though, may be tempted to hire a personal consultant or financial firm to hide some of their assets.

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Denied Aid and Attendance Even Though You Know You Qualified? The Next Steps Could Be Long, but Worthwhile…

Aging Veterans Care: Denied Aid And Attendance Benefit

Aging Veterans Care: It’s been more than a few months. In fact, it’s already been more than nine months since you helped your elderly father fill out the Aid and Attendance Benefit application. As a veteran who served during the Korean War, because of his limited pension, Social Security payments, and need for home care support, you believed, honestly, that this benefit was a slam dunk.

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Are There Home Modifications Veterans Could Benefit from as They Age?

Care for Aging Veterans: Veterans, like most other healthy adults, may feel invincible, at least for a while. As people get older, though, their joints ache, they begin to develop back problems, and begin to face new challenges as the years pass. While veterans may not be thinking about home care, at least not until it is absolutely necessary, there are certain modifications that can be made at home to improve safety for them, whether they are dealing with the natural process of aging or some injury or disability in life.

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