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QR Code

A QR Code is a hot, new innovative marketing approach in many different markets. Find out how to integrate the Veterans Care Coordination QR Code in your materials in order to assist in driving revenues for your agency.


Outreach Division

The managers in the Veterans Care Coordination new Outreach Division work with a variety of outside referral sources to educate seniors about the Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit. This in turn helps our home care partners to leverage relationships in the market and coordinate presentations, to build business! This is limited in some locations.

Policy and Contract Changes

Beginning this spring, Veterans Care Coordination is making changes to our provider contracts to benefit our clients. One change is the new holiday pay structure, where we reimburse at time-and-a-half for hours worked on those days. We will also be standardizing our policies regarding payment to providers who transport clients in their own vehicles; reimbursement will be at the standard federal mileage reimbursement rate.


The Veterans Care Coordination goal is to assist as many Veterans and spouses as possible. Deserving seniors should not fail to take advantage of the program because of an inability to pay for care during the VA processing period. For those clients, we will pick up some or all of the cost of care prior to reimbursement through our innovative no-interest loan program.

Our Q4 System and Communication

This internal accountability process assures that the referrals you send are always top-of-mind in our office. Each week our entire team gathers to review every specific pending case, and different resources and relationships are brought to bear across departments. This sales cycle results in a higher percentage of opportunities closed, opportunities that mean business. Veterans Care Coordination is always communicating with our providers; for home care companies and other sources that achieve a certain tier of referrals, we have instituted a weekly reporting structure that summarizes the activities of all open opportunities.

Our Marketing Process and Products

Our marketing professionals are here to serve you and we specialize in the innovative approach to “getting the word out.” We consistently write newsletter articles, design advertisements, coordinate health fairs with our partners, and educate office staffs and caregivers about the VA Pension with Aid and Attendance. Our new DVD, which features actual Veterans Care Coordination clients, is a powerful tool that brings the voices of those who have benefited straight to the living rooms of families or the conference rooms of our home care partners.

Veterans Care Coordination University is an innovative program, debuting this fall, which will educate our home care and other professional partners on an on-going basis. This free-of-charge educational opportunity is the Veterans Care Coordination way of de-mystifying some of the VA process, in order to better help our partners take advantage of the opportunities that exist for deserving veterans and spouses. Continuing education credits will be available.

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